Black & Associates Auctioneers

Auctioneer Troy Black says the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale presents an opportunity for the entire “Buffalo Bill family” to reflect on the qualities that make whit show special.

“I truly believe it’s the camaraderie among the people”, Black says. “I have friends and family from all over the country who come to this auction. It’s like a homecoming, and everyone is happy to reunite with old friends and acquaintances.”

Looking back on nearly a decade of experience with the show and its steady improvements and growth, Black, president and CEO of Black and Associates Auctioneers, attributes its success to its passionate spirit.

“People from all over the country are incredibly enthusiastic about Cody and are so supportive of the museum and the cause,” Black says. “The artists and the patrons are very generous.

As he travels far and wide to conduct auctions, Black says he’s always running into people who speak enthusiastically about the Cody show. “It’s definitely on the map, and people want to be a part of it,” he observes. “It’s a happening.”

Auction Crew

Just as Black has watched the “Buffalo Bill family” mature over the years, guests of the art show have had  a chance to see Black’s own family grow up. Starting in 2005, at 9 years old, Troy’s son Weston took the stage with his dad to help drive up a few bids.

“Weston is a third-generation auctioneer, Troy notes, “He’s in training right now.”

Early in his own career, Troy mentored under Peter Stremmel, one of the true giants of the art auctioneering world, and he worked in the ring for him for three years at the Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale. Troy represents the second generation to run Black and Associates – a family business which dates to 1976. The firm averages 170 auctions per year, with a specialty in art auctions across the United States and the world.

“Our motto is that we want to have a friendly and fun environment for everyone,” Troy says. “We love the auction business and I think it shows.”

For more information write Black and Associates Auctioneers, PO Box 1252, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, or call 208.762.4346.